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The Institute of Secondary Education, IES El Saler, in Valencia started, the academic course 2010-2011, a new pedagogical line, trying to give an answer to bright students needs.

One of the programs involved in that new line is the Plurilingüe program.

This Setember 2013 a new group of 28 good students are going to follow the 2n ESO'mathematics in English.

The course is structured around an activity book and some Theory Units Resums and Exercises, ( page 2 on the left side) like …

There are some links to TV lessons and on line exercises. For instance
Math Goodies
offers a variety of math's topics, lessons and exercises. You will find more in Links to Math’s Pages (page 3 on the left side).

Like other courses, the Maths Departament and the directive board of the Institute will organitze an immertion stay in the Cientific Activity Campus of Moragete, to encourage these pupils to use English as a comunicative language and to cretate the feeling of grup.
See the pictures


A bit of history about the Plurilingüe Program at our Centre

The first course (2010-2011) a select group of 24 volunteer 13 years old students decided to learn mathematics using English as the communication language. The experience was a success. We all had a great time learning mathematics in English.

To recognize the extra effort that the students did, the math’s department and the directive board of the school organized an English immersion stay of two days in the Scientific Activity Campus Moragete. Some pictures

The second course (2011-2012), a group of 28 enthusiastic students took the relief, and we did our best to improve at the same time the level in Mathematics and English.
That year, thanks to the project that professor Mª Jesús Nicolau wrote to apply for an English Immertion Program, we were able to offer our students a free week’s language immersion stay at ACTIO organized by the Ministry of Education and the Sheffield Centre. Here you are the pictures that Antoni Puig took from the Immertion's week in Actio.

Last academic course (2012-2013) was a success aswell, all the grup got past in June. The immertion stay was in Moragete. See the pictures

Most of these students got involved in the ' 3rd ESO High Capacities Program' with good results.

This picture is from 2012-2013 staying at Moragete.
external image DSCI1557.JPG

These two pictures are from 2011-2012 stay at ACTIO


This picture is from 2010-2011 staying at Moragete.