Hello, my name is Rosa Clement. I studied ‘Exact Sciences’ (that is mathematics) at Valencia University. For a time I shared my teaching math's time in a secondary school with doing some research in astrophysics in order to write my doctoral thesis, that I defended in 1995. It was at that time that I learned English and I had the opportunity to give some lectures in English as an invited teacher at Southampton University and some conferences at different astrophysics congresses.

I love maths. I believe maths is the answer for our every day life situations. In this complicated world we need to think clearly, understand and analyse all the input data in order to take the best decision. For that purpose, maths is a wonderful tool. I'm convinced that even if we do not use all the math topics we have learned along our studies the effort students do to understand maths is the best exercise to improve their intellectual capacities and connect their neurons in their brains.

When I was a child, I felt happy when solving a problem just with my mind. Now that I’m a maths teacher I enjoy every minute encouraging my students to try and try until they got it right.

I've been a teacher for many years, at Valencia University and at different Secondary Schools, but it is the first time, although my third course, I'm teaching maths in English to Spanish students.